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Stay Organized with ExpireDoc's Efficient Expiration Reminder System

Discover the Powerful Features of ExpireDoc

Multifaceted Reminder System

Configure expiration or due date reminders and receive alerts through Email, WhatsApp, SMS, or Slack, ensuring you never miss a deadline.

Reminder Calendar

Get a visual representation of all upcoming reminders in one place for a quick glance at the important deadlines.

User Management

Assign different access levels and create individual users for each company under your account.

Secure Cloud Storage

Store documents and photos securely on Amazon AWS Cloud and attach them with your reminders.

File Attachment Capability

Enhance your email reminders by attaching any type of file including pictures, videos, Word documents, Excel files, and more.

Multi-Company Management

Efficiently handle data from multiple companies in a single account, ensuring each company's data remains confidential and accessible only to its authorized users.

Contact List Management

Create or import your contact list and send reminders to multiple individuals simultaneously.

Auto Renewal/Recurring Reminders

Enable the Auto Renew feature to automatically renew expired items for the time duration you specify.

Interactive Reminder Replies

Allow recipients to respond to reminders with file attachments, creating a comprehensive historical record for each item.

Custom Document Types

Customize your document categories, including passports, visas, driving licenses, contracts, warranties, tenancy documents, and more.

Time Zone Customization

Set your preferred time zone for receiving email alerts and specify the exact time for alert delivery.

Customizable Templates

Design your unique reminder templates for Email, SMS, WhatsApp, or Slack and link each reminder to a different template.

Advanced Security

ExpireDoc employs SSL encryption and Two-Factor Authentication, ensuring secure transmission of data and access only by authorized users.

Document Search/Filtering

Find documents quickly with an easy search option, filterable by expiration date, document name, or type.

Data Import/Export

Streamline data management with easy import/export functionality, supporting large data volumes in MS Excel format.

Revolutionize Your Communication with ExpireDoc's Email Reminder System

Simplify Scheduling Email Reminders

Step into the future of professional communication with ExpireDoc. Our intelligent expiration reminder system allows you to create custom email reminders to suit your needs, and schedule them to be sent automatically at your chosen time. No matter the time zone, rest assured your messages will reach as intended.

Follow-up Made Effortless

Often, one email isn't enough. Our software ensures your messages never get lost in the noise with easy-to-schedule follow-up reminders. Schedule all follow-up messages when creating your initial reminder, and let our system do the rest.

Boost Your Email Productivity

Turn your emails into a powerful expiration reminder software with ExpireDoc. Send notifications about upcoming events, deadlines, or expirations straight to your recipient's inbox, ensuring no important reminder ever slips through the cracks.

Stay Organized with ExpireDoc's Efficient Expiration Reminder System
Stay Organized with ExpireDoc's Efficient Expiration Reminder System

Stay Connected with ExpireDoc's SMS Reminder System

Simplified SMS Reminder Setup

ExpireDoc's SMS reminder system is straightforward and user-friendly. All you need is your client's mobile number and the date/time for the reminder. Our automated system handles the rest.

Cost and Time Efficient

ExpireDoc's automated SMS reminders save you valuable time and resources compared to manual follow-ups, contributing to increased efficiency in your operations.

Fully Automated System

Our SMS system requires only a one-time setup for recurring reminders. Once established, the system manages your reminders autonomously, ensuring your clients receive timely notifications.

Cost and Time Efficient

ExpireDoc's automated SMS reminders save you valuable time and resources compared to manual follow-ups, contributing to increased efficiency in your operations.

Customizable Messages

Tailor your reminders to suit your business needs. Our software allows you to create unique message templates for different client groups, ensuring personalized and effective communication.

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Automate Your Reminders with ExpireDoc's WhatsApp Integration

The Power of WhatsApp Reminders

In today's bustling world, tracking tasks and deadlines is critical to stay ahead. WhatsApp, a messaging platform with over two billion active users, is now integrated with ExpireDoc's automated expiration reminder system. Keep abreast of all your important dates and deadlines effortlessly with our user-friendly reminder service.

Streamlined Communications

ExpireDoc's automated WhatsApp reminders offer a time-saving and reliable solution for managing your tasks. Schedule reminders, add notes, and attach files for specific dates and times, and our system will do the rest. This automation means no more manual messaging or forgotten deadlines - just consistent, timely reminders sent directly to your WhatsApp contacts.

Why Choose WhatsApp Reminders with ExpireDoc?

The benefits of using our expiration reminder service are numerous. From ease of use to saving time, ExpireDoc's automated reminders enhance your productivity. The user-friendly interface enables straightforward setup and customization of reminders, while our automated system ensures their timely delivery.

GDPR Compliant and Secure

Security is paramount at ExpireDoc. We adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) standards, ensuring all personal data is handled lawfully and transparently. We use secure servers, industry-standard encryption protocols, and perform regular audits to meet the highest security standards.

Stay Organized with ExpireDoc's Efficient Expiration Reminder System

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Best for Email Reminders


Billed annually

Email Reminders

SMS Reminders

WhatsApp Reminders

500 Expiration Dates

50 Contacts

Unlimited Email Credits

Message Credits

5GB Cloud Storage

10 Users

10 Companies



Email, SMS & WhatsApp reminders


Billed annually

Email Reminders

SMS Reminders

WhatsApp Reminders

20,000 Expiration Dates

2,000 Contacts

Unlimited Email Credits

2,000 Message Credits

50GB Cloud Storage

100 Users

100 Companies

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